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Are you looking to strengthen and structurally reinforce your concrete flooring? Are there unsightly stains and blemishing in your current concrete installation that you would like to remove? Here at Epoxy Flooring Flagstaff, we offer an array of epoxy flooring solutions that will transform and revitalize any interior or exterior setting. The epoxy material is extremely durable and long-lasting, and we can perform installations in commercial, residential, and industrial settings. Our clientele is very diverse and we provide service throughout the entire Flagstaff area.

Our decorative and majestic epoxy coatings will incorporate more visual splendor into your garage, living room, or retail setting, and the sturdy surface of the epoxy overlay provides your concrete flooring with ample protection from dirt, grime, and bacteria. You can easily enhance the visual appearance of any interior setting while also establishing a workspace that makes everything easier for you and your employees.

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    Concrete Coatings

    The Best Epoxy Flooring Solutions
    Is your current concrete installation showing its age? Do you want to repair those unsightly cracks and incorporate more functionality into your workspace?

    Our concrete coatings are an affordable solution to any ongoing structural issues with your concrete flooring. Our professional epoxy flooring solutions are engineered to limit the number of repairs and replacements you will perform over time.

    Take this opportunity to research epoxy flooring and discover all of the decorative options it has to offer. We want to help you achieve a look that is to your liking.

    Concrete coatings will prevent oil, moisture, and other substances from entering your concrete and causing structural damage. Our epoxy flooring solutions will also significantly prolong the lifespan of your current concrete installation.

    Concrete Patios and Walkways

    Over time, backyard patios and outdoor walkways will begin to experience normal wear and tear, you will need to restore the concrete material. Our concrete coatings will remove any visual blemishing and make your outdoor patio or walkway look it did when you first installed it. Our goal is to restore and revitalize your property and ultimately enhance its curb appeal.

    Our exterior concrete coating solutions are acquired by homeowners and business proprietors alike, and they hire us because they want to recapture the original beauty of their outdoor concrete installations. Most of our commercial clients choose a neutral color for the epoxy coating, but homeowners on the other hand usually go with a more ornate color scheme.

    Garage Floor Coatings

    Garage floors can be a challenge to keep clean and looking good, and this is because a fair amount of dust collects inside them and oil spills are a common occurrence. Cracks and physical imperfections are also liable to happen in garage floors as well because of the weight of your vehicle which can create a structural burden for traditional concrete installations. Our residential epoxy solutions are geared towards making it much easier to clean and perform simple maintenance on any concrete flooring material.

    Our concrete coatings will easily prolong the lifespan of your garage flooring by about 20 years. Our coatings will also restore any concrete flooring that structurally compromised and our epoxy installations make it much easier to clean up dirt and sanitize your garage floor.

    Flagstaff Concrete

    Basement Floor Coatings

    Epoxy Flooring Installations Are Affordable and Resilient
    Our epoxy flooring solutions provide your basement with ample protection from its most dreaded enemy: moisture. Water damage is very common in many residential basements and you will be protecting yourself and your property by hiring our interior concrete coating services. Moisture will not be able to enter the concrete material because the sturdy epoxy topcoat seals it off completely, thus preserving the structural integrity of your concrete flooring. We also want to emphasize that epoxy coatings are a great way to visually enhance your basement at a very affordable price.

    Also, if you are having visibility issues in your basement (which is actually very common), the bright and shiny epoxy overlay will greatly improve the lighting situation.

    A Bevy of Benefits:
    • Make it easier to collect and dispose of dirt, dust, and bacteria.
    • Epoxy flooring is stain-resistant and it simplifies all cleaning and maintenance procedures. Physical blemishing and cracks are much less likely to occur.
    • Our decorative coating options allow you to get creative and design the appearance of your flooring.
    • Our epoxy flooring installations will significantly increase visibility.
    • You can effectively waterproof your basement through our concrete coating services.
    Industrial Settings

    Concrete Flooring Solutions

    We Want To Help You Make The Right Decision!
    Epoxy flooring has many different applications and it serves a variety of purposes, and we want to help you narrow down your options. Concrete coatings are a great way to improve functionality while also incorporating more aesthetic appeal into any interior or exterior setting.

    We perform epoxy installations in a variety of settings, whether it be a hospital, retail store, hotel lobby, or residential property. Replace your old and delipidated concrete flooring with an epoxy system that will make your life a lot easier. Our concrete coatings project your floor from erosion, sun exposure, moisture, and other adverse circumstances. You can learn more about our services by visiting our homepage.


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    How long does it take to perform an epoxy flooring installation?

    The length of time it takes us depends on the scope of the installation. An average job takes around a day or two to complete, and most of the time we are preparing the floor for the installation. Another factor that comes into play is the size of the installation.

    Will my tires cause damage to the garage epoxy coating?

    The new coating will not sustain any damage from your tires. Epoxy flooring is often found in warehouses and factories where industrial vehicles such as forklifts roam around freely. Your car may leave behind tire marks, but those are easy to remove.

    How long do concrete coatings last?

    Epoxy flooring has a very long life-span when compared to traditional concrete installations. In an industrial environment, epoxy flooring can last up to 10 years while sustaining minimal damage. In residential settings, epoxy flooring has an average life-span of around 20 years.