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We provide the entire flagstaff area with top-notch epoxy flooring installations and solutions. We have a team of experienced and talented contractors who can handle anything when it comes to your flooring needs and they will install an epoxy flooring system that is durable and structurally resilient. Our dependable and affordable epoxy flooring installations can be performed in any variety of settings, such as warehouses, car garages, and even backyard patios.

Epoxy flooring is made of high-grade materials that are resistant to heat, moisture, and chemical deterioration. The polished epoxy overlay protects your concrete flooring from the damaging effects of sunlight, heavy vehicle traffic, and other determinants that can create structural issues. Also, epoxy flooring is aesthetically superior to most other concrete flooring systems and it will greatly incorporate more beauty and visual splendor into any interior or exterior environment.

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    Metallic Epoxy Flooring

    Optimal Concrete Flooring Solutions
    Metallic epoxy is becoming a popular choice among our clients because not only do the metallic pigments produce a flooring system that is visually stunning, but the epoxy material is durable and can withstand all the physical demands of an industrial environment. Metallic epoxy is heat and water-resistant, and it also resists bleach, gasoline, oil, and other chemical substances. Metallic epoxy will last for a very long time and sturdy epoxy material greatly minimizes the number of repairs and resurfacings you perform.

    Metallic epoxy comes in a variety of visual designs and it offers you a lot of flexibility in terms of how you develop the appearance of your flooring. Also, it is worth noting that metallic epoxy significantly improves everyone’s safety because it is slip-resistant and the shiny and reflective surface of the epoxy greatly enhances interior visibility.

    Interior Settings

    Epoxy flooring can be installed in a variety of interior settings, and some examples include hotel lobbies, courthouses, retail stores, warehouses, and even restaurants. Many retailers, manufacturers, and other commercial operators are opting for epoxy flooring because it offers greater functionality and it also provides them with the option to experiment with different aesthetic combinations.

    Epoxy flooring is also popular in residential spaces because it will not only beautify your home but also increase the value of your property. Many homeowners come to us looking for a viable long-term investment that they will be able to profit off of well into the future. Epoxy flooring also makes it much easier to clean and protect any interior area.

    Exterior Settings

    Epoxy flooring also makes for outdoor installations, and some of these examples include outdoor walkways, driveways, backyard patios, and pool decks. Many of our clients hire us because they want to improve the curb appeal of their home or business, and our epoxy flooring solutions represent an affordable and resourceful opportunity to visually enhance your outdoor property.

    Traditional outdoor concrete installations tend to degrade and wither quickly due to exposure to rain, heat, and other natural elements, but the sturdy and durable topcoat of the epoxy will protect your concrete from undergoing any structural deterioration. The heat- and slip-resistant properties of the epoxy material are what also makes it a popular choice for pool decks because it provides you and your family with ample protection from potential injury.

    Flagstaff Epoxy

    Basement Coatings

    Epoxy flooring is the right choice for you
    We stringy recommend a basement epoxy installation because the material we use will effectively waterproof your home and significantly reduce water damage. An epoxy flooring installation will transform your basement into a healthy, safe, and beautiful environment. Basements are also usually underlit, but the shiny surface of the epoxy overlay will eliminate that issue.

    Moisture tends to creep into your basement and this could seriously damage your concrete flooring. Our epoxy solutions are engineered to help you protect your property and prevent any calamities from happening. An epoxy flooring installation is a long-term investment for your basement that you simply cannot refuse. Stay a step ahead and choose our epoxy flooring solutions today!

    Additional Benefits of Epoxy Flooring
    • Dirt, dust, and debris will not adhere to the epoxy surface, making it much easier to perform cleaning procedures.
    • Sometimes there are unsightly defects in your concrete flooring, but epoxy flooring can easily cover up any unsightly imperfections.
    • Epoxy flooring provides you with virtually limitless customization and design options.
    • You will save a lot of money over time because the sturdy epoxy material makes it much easier to clean and maintain your flooring.
    • The average lifespan of epoxy flooring is within the range of 15 to 20 years - this is incredible longevity!
    Industrial Concrete Solutions

    Epoxy Flooring

    Professional and affordable flooring services
    Although we receive a lot of business through residential renovations, our epoxy flooring solutions are also perfect for any industrial setting. The sturdy and structurally resilient epoxy material holds up well in environments where many heavy-duty processes are performed. The slip-resistant surface of the epoxy overlay will protect you and your employee from potential injury by limiting the number of hazardous events that occur. Also, the shiny and reflective properties of the epoxy will greatly increase visibility and make it much easier for everyone to complete their work.

    The dense and impenetrable epoxy coating prevents corrosive chemicals from damaging and jeopardizing the structural integrity of your concrete flooring. Also, The load-bearing resilience of the epoxy material allows you to drive heavy industrial vehicles through open interior areas.


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    Do you have any questions regarding our epoxy flooring solutions? Check out our FAQ section down below! If there is anything else you need to know, go ahead and talk to one of our licensed contractors today about all the services that we offer!

    Do you have to prepare my concrete floor for the epoxy installation?

    We do, and that is because if your concrete flooring is not properly prepared then the epoxy will not be installed correctly and this can lead to major structural issues down the line and your epoxy flooring would have to be completely re-installed. We utilize different methods in cleaning, smoothing out, and neutralizing your old concrete flooring so that we can apply the epoxy material.

    How long will it take to install an epoxy flooring system in my garage?

    Not long at all. The entire installation process is very easy to perform because it requires minimal materials and equipment to pull it off. Certain circumstances can hamper the process, such as extensive repair work and extreme weather conditions, but overall the average garage floor installation takes us about two to three days tops. Our goal is to be out of your hair as quickly as possible!

    Do you guys offer free estimates?

    You can call us anytime and one of our epoxy experts will offer you a free estimate. They will ask you some specifics about your property and the area in which you want the installation performed to provide you with an accurate and realistic estimate. Our contractors and professional installers have been in this industry for many years – decades even. We recommend that you schedule an in-person appointment so that we explain our services in greater detail.