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Do you want to upgrade your current concrete flooring and enhance the way it appears? Are you disgusted with all the structural imperfections of your pool deck or backyard patio? We offer a stamped concrete installation service that you simply cannot refuse. We can replace your aged and ordinary-looking concrete flooring with a unique and aesthetically brilliant stamped-concrete installation. Stamped concrete, however, is not only visually gorgeous, but it also offers a great deal of durability and structural resilience. Stamped concrete can be installed in driveways, backyard patios, and outdoor walkways.

Our stamped-concrete installations are also very much affordable and they are cost-effective over time because the high-grade epoxy materials that we utilize will simplify your cleaning and maintenance procedures. Call us today and one of our representatives will explain our services to you in greater detail.

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    Color and Design Options

    The Best Stamped Concrete Solutions
    You have decided that you want a new outdoor walkway or backyard patio, but you want something that will aesthetically surpass your previous concrete installation. Our stamped concrete solutions offer you an array of design options when it comes to the colors, textures, and overall visual presentation of your concrete installation. We will also give the option of stone or lumbered appearances for your concrete flooring. Ultimately, we want to provide you with flexibility when design and developing the appearance and visual layout of your epoxy installation.

    Our epoxy flooring and stamped concrete solutions provide enough decorative innovation and variety that you are guaranteed to be satisfied with the final product. While consulting our professional epoxy contractors, be specific and tell them exactly what you are looking for visually and they will handle it.

    Easy Maintenance and Repair

    Stamped concrete is made of a durable epoxy material that will not easily degrade or succumb to structural damage. This makes it much easier to carry out maintenance and cleaning procedures. Stamped concrete also lasts a lot longer than traditional concrete installations, which means that over time you will not have repair and replace it as often as before.

    We recommend that heavy materials are not placed on top of stamped concrete, but otherwise, the material can handle a lot of foot traffic without undergoing any structural impairment. The polished overlay of the epoxy material also seals of the concrete underneath it, which inhibits and prevents weed growth.

    A Space for Entertainment

    Stamped concrete installations create an optimized space for hosting parties and entertaining guests. The beauty and visual splendor of the stamped concrete is extremely conducive to relaxation and leisure, and we tell all of our clients that our epoxy flooring solutions represent an opportunity to establish an outdoor setting where everyone can experience endless amounts of fun!

    Because it is so easy to clean and maintain your stamped concrete installation, you will never have to worry about unsightly stains that may discourage you from inviting your friends over. Stamped concrete creates an attractive and inviting outdoor setting that lifts everyone’s spirits and sets the mood for the evening.

    Flagstaff Concrete

    Elevated Property Value

    We want to help you make the right choice
    Many people hire our stamped concrete and epoxy flooring services because they want to increase the value of their property, and they want to do so at a price that is very economically favorable to them. Our epoxy flooring solutions and stamped concrete installations are very affordable and they will enhance the curb appeal of your home significantly.

    Stamped concrete represents an aesthetic upgrade from traditional flooring installations and our epoxy flooring solutions will enable you to sell your home to a wide range of prospective buyers. The visual uniqueness of the stamped concrete will appeal to a large number of people and it will convince them that you are selling them a visually elegant and beautiful home.

    Other Benefits You Should Consider:
    • Stamped concrete can be cleaned with regular detergent and water, but we also recommend that you also utilize pressure washing.
    • Stamped concrete is very versatile and it can achieve a wide range of desired appearances.
    • Dust, dirt, grime, and other contaminating substances will not adhere to epoxy flooring.
    • Stamped concrete is resistant to moisture and heat, keeping your pool deck or back patio safe from structural erosion.
    • Stamped concrete holds up extremely well to frequent foot traffic and boasts of an average life-span of 10 to 20 years.
    Easy Installation Process

    Stamped Concrete

    Our epoxy flooring services are affordable, reliable, and professional
    Our licensed epoxy specialists have been performing concrete repairs and resurfacing for many years, and for them, there is no difficulty in quickly and efficiently performing concrete installations. Not much labor is required to pull off an epoxy installation, and that is because minimal materials are required to produce the epoxy mixture and we apply it with paint rollers rather than with machinery or industrial equipment.

    The installation process only takes a day or two to complete on average and we will also need to prepare your concrete flooring before we apply the epoxy overlay. We will sweep any dust or dirt and then fill and fix and cracks or physical imperfections before begin the application process. Again, in total stamped concrete can be installed in a matter of days.


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    Do you have any questions regarding our stamped concrete installations? Below is our FAQ sections! If you want to learn more about our services then schedule an in-person appointment with one of our contractors today!

    Will stamped concrete prevent cracks from occurring?

    Absolutely. Stamped concrete is made of durable, high-grade materials that do not easily succumb to structural damage. The durability of stamped concrete is very remarkable and unlike anything else that you will find when it comes to concrete repair and installation.

    Can you drive on stamped concrete?

    You can drive on it. However, stamped concrete material will degrade and undergo damage quicker when utilized for a driveway versus an outdoor patio or pool deck. Either way, stamped concrete can be driven on, but we recommend that you wait three to seven days to do so after the installation, that way the material will properly cure.

    Will the color fade in stamped concrete?

    Over time, the color will fade in any concrete installation. However, minimal fading will occur in stamped concrete because we utilize the best pigments available for our installations. Our impenetrable sealers will also significantly reduce the maintenance and repairs you perform on your backyard patio or your outdoor walkway.