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Our coming is the leading provider of epoxy flooring solutions in Flagstaff, Arizona, and the surrounding areas. We provide reliable and robust epoxy installations in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. We have a large and diverse clientele and they can all attest to our professionalism and dedication to customer service.

Epoxy flooring is extremely beautiful and affordable to install, and we offer an array of colors and textures to choose from when designing and developing the visual scheme of their epoxy flooring. We do everything by the book and never cut corners, and our ultimate goal is to transform and revitalize any interior or outdoor setting.

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Which areas do we provide service?

Our company is based in Flagstaff, Arizona, but we provide service throughout the entire region. We have a broad reach throughout central and northern Arizona and we perform installations for just about anyone. Listed below are the cities where we provide reliable and affordable epoxy flooring solutions:


We are based out of Flagstaff, Arizona, and the city has a population of over 73,000 people, making it the largest city in the northern Arizona region. The city is surrounded by sprawling mountain ranges and picturesque desert landscapes. The temperature throughout the summer sits in the low 80s and the city is recognized for its many diverse geographical features that include pine forests, red sandstone quarries, and other physiographic peculiarities. The city is also home to the U.S. Naval Observatory and the University of Northern Arizona. Flagstaff is also a culturally diverse area that offers many unique educational and professional opportunities.


Prescott is a mid-sized watershed town with a modest population of around 43,000 people, and the city itself sits at about 5,200 feet above sea level (that’s pretty high!). Prescott is home to a large indigenous community of the Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe. Prescott offers many different recreational and tourist options that include hiking, bike-riding, camping, fishing, and kayaking. There are also several different commercial centers in the Prescott area where you can shop and experience fine dining. Prescott is perhaps most famous for its historic Whiskey Row saloons and entertainment venues where famous cowboys Wyatt Erp and Doc Holliday would frequent back in the late 1800s.


The City of Kingman is located in Mohave County about two hours west of Flagstaff. Kingman is among the smaller municipalities in the state of Arizona, and the city is considered to be a centerpiece of the mining and ranching community of northwestern Arizona. Kingman is located inside a natural basin along the Colorado River neighboring the basaltic hills and it is known for being situated dead center in the “Heart of Historic Route 66. Kingman is becoming a popular destination for many Americans because of its positive economic growth and career opportunities, and it is in proximity to several major cities, including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. The Airport Industrial Park is a desirable location for many manufacturers because of its cheap land costs and the area provides many different commercial services.


Phoenix, Arizona, is not only the capital but also the largest city in the entire state with a staggering population of around 1.66 million people. Phoenix is sunny all-year-round and the city offers many different world-class attractions that draw people from all over the world to come there. The city is renowned for its marvelous and spectacular urbanscapes and the area has been dubbed the “Valley of the Sun.” The desert landscapes and panoramic mountain views make Pheonix a beautiful and geographically desirable destination, and when visiting the city, you will be able to check out an array of museums that include The Heard Museum for Native American Art and Culture as well as the Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West which features the art of the Old West and details its history.

Show Low

Show Low, Arizona, is located in Mohave County right along the edge of the Mogollon Rim, a sprawling geographical feature that begins in northern Yavapai County and ends eastward near the state line of New Mexico. Show Low got its unique name from a marathon high-stakes poker game that was played between two ranchers by the name of Corydon E. Cooley and Marion Clark. The two men played the poker game to determine how they would settle a property dispute. Cooley turned out victorious after Clark remarked, “If you can show low, you win,” to which Clark turned over his card and revealed a deuce of clubs, the lowest possible poker card. Show Low’s main street was named “Deuce of Clubs” to pay homage to the famed poker game.


Holbrook, Arizona, is a small town that is located in Navajo County about an hour and a half southeast of Flagstaff. The city of Holbrook has its origins in herding cattle and rail transport services, but the city also boasts of a rich and diverse history that includes Spanish American and Native American cultures. Holbrook is home to the Petrified Forest National Park that is very huge and in which you can spend an entire day hiking around and adventuring the area. In Holbrook, you can also visit the Navajo County Historical Museum that includes many displays and exhibits featuring a large collection of Navajo and Apache antiques and artworks. The implementation of the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad was what lead to the city of Holbrook being discovered in 1881.
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We offer specialized and customizable epoxy flooring solutions that you will not find anywhere else throughout the northern and central Arizona areas. We perform epoxy installations in many different interior areas and outdoor settings. Whether you run a restaurant and need a new kitchen floor or you want to replace your garage flooring, we are the right people to call.

We are committing to providing you with a product that utilizes high-grade materials and guarantees long-lasting results. Our epoxy flooring professionals have ample experience in performing concrete repairs and installations, so you will be in good hands when you hire our company. Go ahead and give us a call today! One of our licensed contractors will tell everything you need to know about our epoxy flooring solutions. We also recommend that you schedule an in-person appointment!